• Bogdan Panchenko and Ivan Kukarskih – Founders (shot by Glen Ballis)

    With a shared international background and a true ambition to excel in the food and beverage sphere, Ivan and Bogdan struck up a synergetic partnership from day one. In 2013, Ivan founded BB Burgers, which has quickly become one of the most successful burger restaurant chains in Russia. Meanwhile, Bogdan was having his own success becoming a key supplier to the nation’s capital, providing fresh vegetables and fruit from all over Russia.
  • Dmitry Volkov - Territorial Manager

    He began his career in the restaurant industry in 2010 as an assistant waiter at the «Coffeemania» restaurant chain where he worked for 8 years, having gained vast experience in staff training and management. For 2 years now he has been working in the Lucky Group team as a manager, took part in the opening of “Eva” project. The key thing in work is a team where everyone shares the same life values, loves their job, loves people, and enjoys what they do.
  • Alexander Shuba - Chef

    Born in Moscow, studied at the Cook College 44 in Ramenki. He spent a year at the OvO by Carlo Cracco restaurant where he gained an experience of working with some of the best Italian chefs. He also took part in the opening of the Dante kitchen + bar restaurant and became the head of the kitchen a year later. He is a big fan of Daniel Humm (Eleven Madison Park). What they make and promote is simple and complex at the same time. Their motto “Make it Nice” is to be implemented not only in work, but also in life.
  • Dan Miron - Brand Chef

    A student of the British chef Jason Atherton. After working for two years in Atherton’s restaurants (Esquina, Pollen, The Study) in Singapore, Dan honed his skills with Gaggan Anand at his restaurant in Bangkok. On his return to Moscow, Dan Miron launched the Holy Fox and Margarita Bistro project. “The formula of our menu remains the same: we choose good ingredients, prepare them with maximum knowledge and love, and then add a little wit, courage and provocation,” - Chef Dan Miron.
  • Anastasia Godunova - Coffee brand chef

    She began her career at the «Caffeine» chain of coffee shops as a deputy marketing director where she began to immerse herself in the product and decided to conquer a new job - barista. She then studied in Denmark, Norway and Greece, trained in Paris. She worked in Isaac Correa's team at IconFood holding as a chef barista, Good Enough and Twins Garden.
  • Anastasia Bogucharskaya - Head Barista

    She began her career in the coffee industry as a barista in a small coffee shop in Volgograd. Thanks to the team she became more and more fond of coffee. She has grown to the position of the head barista of a chain of coffee shops. At the same time, she created coffee menus for various establishments, took part in coffee championships and participants’ training. Prior to Lucky Group, she worked in a coffee roasting company as a training manager and was responsible for quality control of roasted coffee beans. In her work she pursues a careful approach to the quality of coffee, always leaving room for creativity and new taste discoveries.
  • Elizaveta Yakovets – PR-director

    Studying at the Faculty of Media Communications with a degree in Restaurant Marketing, she worked by her profession in Condé Nast publications. Since she was 20 years old she has been involved in restaurant PR. Having gained experience in a large advertising company, she opened her own agency and a year and a half later moved to Margarita Bistro and Lucky Izakaya Bar restaurant group. Key principles in work are maximum involvement, performance analysis and emphasis on brand management.

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